Comments by Other Participants

Read comments by other people who have actually worked under the Specified Skilled Worker status of residence.

Nursing Care Field

  • My desire to work as a care worker in Japan increased during the four years I spent as an EPA care worker candidate, and because I only failed the National Certified Care Worker Examination by seven points, I decided to try again.
  • I want to quickly pass the National Certified Care Worker Examination and become a teacher in Indonesia to teach people who aim to become nursing care workers in Japan about the benefits of nursing care.

Machine Parts and Tooling Field

  • The Japanese people are kind, and there are numerous company events, so both my work life and personal life are fulfilling.
  • I was filled with anxiety before I came to Japan, but senior employees and my boss trained me well, and I’m so glad now that they count on me.

Industrial Machinery Field

  • I had a lot of difficulties when I first came to Japan, but once I started working, I got stronger and realized that I was helping my family. Now that I’m used to my job, my next goal is to make good products more quickly.
  • I want to take the things I’ve learned about the Japanese way of thinking, etiquette, service, and so on back with me to Vietnam. I feel that I have been able to improve my skills and grow more than I expected since coming to Japan.

Construction Field

  • When I first came to Japan as a technical intern trainee, I had a difficult time learning how to work and live in Japan.
  • Since coming back to Japan, I have gotten used to Japanese culture and the way of doing things, and my lifestyle has become more relaxing.

Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Field

  • I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work as a technical intern trainee, as a shipbuilding worker, and now under a Specified Skilled Worker (i) status of residence.
  • At the company where I work, I have experience as a trainee and a worker, and my job is easy now that I am used to my company and my welding duties.
  • I would like to work hard as a group organizer, teaching this job to trainees and workers at the worksite.
  • It is convenient with the dormitory located close to the company and a supermarket.

Building Cleaning Management Field

  • I was worried before I came to Japan, but with support from my company, I was able to get used to living in Japan quickly.
  • I was able to learn about Japanese building cleaning techniques, the Japanese language, and Japanese culture. I’m glad I worked at this company!
  • In the future, I want to help other people in Vietnam who want to go to Japan or to have a job involving the Japanese language.