Required Documents

In order to apply for the Specified Skilled Worker status of residence, you will need the following documents.

  • Application form (You and your company will fill this out.)
  • Medical examination report (You can get this at a hospital.)
  • Documents related to your pension, health insurance premiums, and taxes (You can get these from city hall or your company.)
    • Taxation Certificate and Certificate of Tax Payment
    • Withholding Tax Slip
    • A copy of your National Health Insurance Card
    • National Health Insurance Payment Certificate
  • Documents showing you have passed the relevant test(s)
  • Your resume

Note: In addition, documents from your company are required, so please consult with someone from your company before carrying out the application process.

You can ask questions about Immigration procedures in a language other than Japanese.

Immigration Information Center

Tel 0570-013904 (VoIP, PHS, international calls: 03-5796-7112)
Note: Service is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Download the Documents
Required to Apply

The documents required to apply (including samples showing how to fill out the forms, with some documents available in languages other than Japanese) can be downloaded from the links below.

Documents That Must Be Understood and Signed by the Applicant


  • Curriculum Vitae of the Specified Skilled Worker
  • Health Check Report
  • Employment Contract for Specified Skilled Workers
  • Written Employment Conditions
  • Confirmation of Advance Guidance
  • Consent for Payment of Expenses and Written Statement of Expenses
  • Written Declaration on the Transfer of Skills
  • Statement of Employment Conditions
  • Explanation of Employment Background
  • Support Plan for Specified Skilled Worker (i)
  • Pledge for Total Period of Stay
  • Proof of Payment of Remuneration
  • Confirmation of Orientation for Life in Japan