Getting Company Support

Foreign nationals working under a Specified Skilled Worker (i) status of residence can receive various forms of support from their company for living and working in Japan. (If the company cannot provide support, a registered support organization can provide it at the company’s request.) You can receive the following 10 forms of support from your company.

1. Receiving an explanation from your company before you obtain the status of residence

If you sign a contract with a company, you can get a detailed explanation of your contract and job before you submit your status of residence application.

2. Picking you up when you arrive in Japan and dropping you off when you leave Japan to return to your home country

When you arrive in Japan, someone from the company will pick you up at the airport and take you to the company or your home. Additionally, when you return to your home country, someone from the company will accompany you as far as the security check at the airport.

3. Helping you prepare the house you will live in and sign contracts for electricity and gas

Someone from the company will serve as a guarantor for the house you will live in, or the company will rent company-owned housing to you. Additionally, the company will assist you with setting up a bank account and signing contracts for your cell phone, electricity, and gas.

4. Receiving an orientation session on living in Japan

Someone from the company will teach you rules and etiquette for living in Japan. Additionally, they will teach you how to ride buses and trains and what to do if an earthquake occurs.

5. Accompanying you to city hall and other offices for various procedures

Someone from the company will accompany you while you carry out city hall procedures, tax procedures, and so on. Additionally, they will help you fill out the paperwork needed for those procedures.

6. Helping you study Japanese

Someone from the company will help you find a school where you can study Japanese.

7. Holding meetings to solve your problems and complaints

They will provide advice and respond to questions in your native language whenever a problem arises.

8. Help you communicate with Japanese people

Someone from the company will provide information on attending nearby festivals and will provide opportunities for you to talk to the Japanese people in your area.

9. Helping you switch jobs (if the company intends to lay you off)

The company will help you look for your next job if they intend to lay you off.

10. Holding meetings (more than once every three months)

The company’s manager in charge of providing support will periodically hold a meeting with you. They can answer your questions if you have problems with your job.


Companies are required to provide foreign nationals with these 10 forms of support. If you feel that you haven’t received proper support from your company, please contact the nearest Immigration office.