Videos Introducing the Program

Program Introduction Video

Watch an overview of the Specified Skilled Worker program and listen to veteran non-Japanese employees who actually work in Japan.

Videos about the 12 Occupational Fields of the Specified Skilled Worker Program

Learn about the advantages and key points of the 12 occupational fields of the Specified Skilled Worker program through videos specific to each field.
This video was posted in December 2020. In May 2022, three fields — the Machine Parts and Tooling Industries, the Industrial Machinery Industry, and the Electric, Electronics and Information Industries — were merged to create the Machine Parts and Tooling / Industrial Machinery / Electric, Electronics and Information Industries.

In August 2023, the following nine fields were added to the Specified Skilled Worker (ii) program: Building Cleaning Management, Machine parts and tooling/Industrial machinery/Electric, electronics and information industries, Automobile Repair and Maintenance Industry, Aviation Industry, Accommodation Industry, Agriculture Industry, Fishery and Aquaculture Industries, Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industries, and Food Service Industry. All work categories in the Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Field other than welding were also added.

Nursing Care Field

Building Cleaning Management Field

Machine Parts and Tooling Field

Industrial Machinery Field

Electric, Electronics and Information Field

Construction Field

Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Field

Automobile Repair and Maintenance Field

Aviation Field

Accommodation Field

Agriculture Field

Fishery and Aquaculture Field

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Field

Food Service Field